Terms and Conditions of Hire


These standard conditions apply to all hiring of the Yiewsley and West Drayton Community Centre. If the Hirer is in any doubt as to the meaning of the following, the Centre Booking team should be consulted. 


  1. All persons hiring the premises must comply with relevant legislation for example Health & Safety, Food Hygiene, and Child Protection. Children must be supervised at all times in and outside of the building.
  2. All hirers must be over the age of 18 years and proof of identity/age may be required.
  3. Any person causing a nuisance by reason of indecent language, violent or indecent behaviour must be removed immediately by the hirer.
  4. Yiewsley and West Drayton Community Association Trustees will not accept liability for the loss or damage to goods or equipment owned or hired by the hirer or their guests. The hirer is responsible for any Yiewsley and West Drayton Community Association property that may get damaged including breakages of equipment, furniture and fixtures.
  5. The hirer is advised to take out appropriate insurance to cover loss or damage of property belonging to them.
  6. Car park: please park within the marked bays. Do not park in the access road, which should be kept clear for emergency vehicles at all times. The EV Charging points must only be used when charging a vehicle, not as a parking space.
  7. The Trustees reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions without prior notice and also reserve the right to amend the hire rates at any time.  However, once we have received your signed booking form and payment the rates quoted for your hall hire will be honoured.

Use of Premises 

8.    Setting up and clearing away time is included in your hire times, we politely ask hirers to adhere to the times booked especially as the hall may be in use prior to or after your booking. If extra time is taken without prior consent this will be charged for. If you do not vacate the premises within 20 minutes of the end time of your hire, we reserve the right to keep your deposit in full. 

9. The Halls / rooms cannot be sub-let and must be used for the purpose stated. If the Centre, of any part thereof, is used for purposes different from that which has been stated on the booking form, the Trustees reserve the right to terminate the booking at any time without being liable to the hirer for costs incurred by the individual/group/ organisation.

10. The venue, furniture and kitchen must be left in a clean and tidy condition. If additional cleaning is required the hirer is responsible for costs incurred.  At the end of your evening hire please leave out any tables or chairs used but please ensure that the tables are wiped clean.

11. Rubbish should be placed in the bins at the rear of the Centre near the main entrance.

12.Each kitchen is equipped with a cooker, fridge and microwave and hot water urn. Food cooking should not be left unattended and all equipment should be used in accordance with manufacturer instructions. Use of portable cooking appliances are strictly forbidden.

13.Smoking or vaping are not permitted in any area of the Centre including the kitchen, meeting rooms and toilets. Smoke machines are not permitted.

14.If more than 1 group/organisation is using the Centre at the same time then all parties must show consideration to other users present.

15.Any decorations, posters etc may only be attached in a manner that will not cause damage to the walls, blu tac may be used, not sellotape.  Helium balloons must be removed at the end of the hire, if they are left to go to the ceiling in the large hall there may be a charge to get them down. Please do not use tape of any description on the wooden floor in the Oscar Frey hall as removing it damages the surface. Please do not attach anything to the windows in the Cyril Boatman Suite as it is fitted with a special film. If extension leads are used these should be fully uncoiled and not overloaded.

16.Please note, due to the nature of the room, we cannot accommodate Bouncy castles in the Oscar Frey Hall.  Bouncy castles under 6ft 6"are allowed in the Cyril Boatman Suite.

17.If there is a breach of any of the conditions, the Trustees reserve the right to terminate  the use of the Centre during the period of hire and ask everyone to leave immediately.

Licenses and Bar Provision

18.Please note the Yiewsley and West Drayton Community Centre is a Fully licensed premises (for the sale of alcohol)

Weekend Functions: The bars in the Community Centre are staffed by the West Drayton Social Club, a not for profit organisation which works to support the Community Association Charity. As a registered charity, the Centre is not permitted to raise funds directly from the sale of alcohol, which is why the bar sales go to the Social Club who are a separate company.  If your hire includes use of the bar in the hall, all drinks, including soft drinks and bottled water must be purchased from there. The West Drayton Social Club staff reserve the right to confiscate any alcohol brought on to the premises and the hirer’s deposit will be retained in full to compensate the club for loss of revenue. We politely request that all guests refrain from taking any bottles or glasses outside of the building. Once the bar is closed all drinks must be consumed within 30 minutes and the premises vacated 1 hour after closure of the bar. Persons under the age of 18 years are not permitted to purchase or consume alcohol on the premises.

 19.The hirer will comply with the current licensing laws in every respect in relation to the let.

Public Safety Compliance 

20.The hirer shall be responsible for exercising the strict control of all noise levels, bands discos etc and act upon any instructions given to them by the person acting on behalf of the Centre.

21.Music must be turned off by 12 a.m.  The hirer must vacate the premises at the end of the period booked and at all times the hirer and guests should be considerate of our neighbours.

22.When leaving the premises, the hirer must ensure that all doors and windows are securely locked and all guests have vacated the building.

23.The hirer is responsible for ensuring that all gangways, doorways, stairways, exits, emergency exits and entrances are kept unobstructed at all times.

24.The hirer must familiarise themselves with the Health and Safety and Fire Safety Notices and make themselves aware of Fire Regulations and procedures in force as displayed in the Centre.

25.In the event of an accident within the Centre, the hirer must report the incident immediately to a member of the Centre’s staff and an accident report form must be completed and returned as specified on the form. 


26.Confirmation of booking is subject to availability and on receipt of deposit for Hall hire and signed booking form. 

    27. A booking will be confirmed on receipt of a completed booking form and full payment of Deposit.

28. Bookings can be made up to one year in advance of the date of booking. Provisional bookings will be held for 7 working days from the date of issue of the booking form. If no deposit has been received by this time the booking will automatically be cancelled.

29.The capacity of the Centre is as follows and the hirer must take proper steps to control admittance. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that adequate security/supervision at the entrance to the Centre is in place throughout the time of hire to allow admittance only to those invited to attend.  

Cancellation Policy

30.If, for whatever reason, the hirer cancels their booking the following charges will apply to the deposit and hire fees dependent on the amount of notice given:- 

31. Within 1 - 7 days of function date the deposit will be returned in full and 75% of the hire fees will be retained

32.Within 8 - 14 days of function date the deposit will be returned in full and 50% of the hire fees will be retained .

33. Within 15- 28 days of function date the deposit will be returned in full and 25% of the hire fees will be retained

34.More than 28 days’ notice full refund of both deposit and hire fees.

35.The Trustees reserve the right to grant or refuse any booking application in whole or in part without giving any reason for it.

 Main Halls Capacity

  • 150 person max for functions using tables and chairs in Oscar Frey, 100 persons in Cyril Boatman
  • 150 persons – for stage productions only in Oscar Frey hall.
  • Padcroft Room        Max 40 persons  
  • Drayton Room     Max 20 persons

 Your data  

In agreeing to use the Community Centre and its facilities, you are giving your consent for the Yiewsley and West Drayton Community Centre to store your personal data for administrative purposes. We will not share your information with third parties and will ensure that your personal data is kept securely. Our data handling and processing practices are fully compliant with GDPR legislation. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy on our website http://www.theywd.org.uk/

       Please note the Community Centre does have 24 hour CCTV recording

Please sign and return the completed and signed booking form with your deposit, we will email you a receipt and confirm your booking unless specified otherwise. Please ensure full payment of the agreed fee reaches us at least one month before hire is due to commence. 

            If you have any queries, please email us at bookings@theywd.org.uk or Telephone on 01895 443423 or text  07484523277

           Further information on our facilities is available on our website: https://www.theywd.org.uk

                      Yiewsley & West Drayton Centre 

Health and Safety Agreement  

All hirers to read and to agree to abide by the Health and Safety Agreement as a condition of use of the Yiewsley & West Drayton Centre.    

The Hirer shall comply with all conditions and regulations made in respect of the premises license by the London Borough of Hillingdon and the Centre’s Fire Risk Assessment.  The hirer shall also comply with the Yiewsley & West Drayton Centre’s Health and Safety policy (copies available).    

Please familiarise yourself with the following:

  • The action to be taken in event of fire, this includes calling the Fire Service and evacuating the Centre;  
  • The location and use of fire equipment.
  • Escape routes and the need to keep them clear;
  • Method of operation of escape doors;
  • Appreciation of the importance of any fire doors and of closing all fire doors at the time of a fire.
  • In advance of a hire of the Centre the Hirer shall check the following:  
  • That all fire exits are unlocked;
  • That all escape routes are free of obstruction and can be safely used;
  • That any fire doors are not wedged open;
  • That exit signs are illuminated;
  • That there is no obvious fire hazard in the room that you are hiring.

Safety requirements   

Nothing shall be done which will endanger the users of the Yiewsley & West Drayton Centre.  In particular:   

  • Obstructions must not be placed in gangways or exits, nor in front of or outside emergency exits, which must be immediately available for free public access;  
  • All groups are expected to co-operate in fire drills (planned and unplanned) which may be arranged at varying times in order to familiarise users with evacuation procedures;  
  • There is emergency lighting in all areas.
  • Firefighting apparatus shall be left in its proper place and only used for its intended purpose;
  • The Fire Service shall be called to any outbreak of fire, however slight, and details of the occurrence shall be given to the Centre office;
  • Highly flammable substances shall not be brought into or used in any part of the premises.  No internal decorations of a combustible nature shall be undertaken or erected without the consent of the Centre Manager.
  • No unauthorised heating appliances shall be used on the premises; this includes portable gas appliances; the use of candles/naked flames are reduced to candles on cake for celebration purposes. No tea lights are permitted, no naked flames allowed on the stage area in the large hall.

The First Aid box shall be readily available to all users of the premises.  One is located in the Downstairs kitchen and must be returned after use.  The Centre manager must be informed of any accident or injury occurring on the premises;    

In the event of a fire, the Centre should be evacuated in an orderly manner using the appropriate exits and the Fire Service called by dialling 999. Assembly point is in the main car park by the steps.   

The exact location of the fire exits and fire extinguishers must be noted before the Yiewsley & West Drayton Community Centre is occupied and the manner of opening the fire doors should be made known to your guests.

  • The hirer must report all accidents involving injury to the public to the Community Centre staff as soon as possible. The accident book is located in the downstairs kitchen.
  • Please report any failure of equipment as soon as possible to the Centre staff. Emergency contact numbers are available in both halls